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Welcome to Sri Piragaspathy Nutpa Aaivu Jothida Nilayam which is located in Medavakkam,Chennai 600100.
A.Piragaspathy M.A;B.A L ,the owner of this concern is a great astrologer and books writer.He has an experience of 40 years in this field.He has written more than 40 astrological books.So,his predictions will be exact and correct.
In his words,
"Is palmstry or horoscope reading true or not?That is a question which arose in my mind in 1974 when i was studying B.A 1st year.I consulted many astrologers and palmists then to clear my doubt .But,their predictions are not so satisfactory and correct.That is why i decided to study the subject.
First I began to study palmstry and found the writings in the book to be very exact and correct.I was indeed surprised at this.Thereafter,I went into the study of palmstry very vigorously and became an expert in it within one year.
A few months later,I began to study astrology.It took many years to learn it.I went through many horoscopes  and met within lot of failures in my predictions.I got irritated at this point and planned to stop learning this art.But,my Jupiter didn't allow me to stop this.Instead,he gave me many ideas and instructions which are not prevalent in any sort of astrology --Vedic,K.P system or Thiruk kanitham.I followed his predictions became very exact and correct.
Sometimes,thereafter too I got a failure in my predictions.At this juncture,God jupiter appeared in my inspiration and gave me new ideas and reason for my failure which worked out very well in the next future.
Thus,40 years have years have passed in my study of astrology.Now,I have grown to the limit of 90% accuracy in predicting a horoscope.I hope that god Jupiter will give me power to predict a chart exactly with 100% accuracy in future.There are 21 chakras,each chakra having nine planets in astrology.Of these 21 chakras,Rasi chakra has the power of 50%;And the next 20 chakras if added together have 50% power.So,to predict a chart exactly,we have to calculate 21 chakras for the chart.It will take one week to calculate such a horoscope.
God Jupiter has given me such a power to calculate these 21 chakras exactly.I am a sincere and honest astrologer.I do not wish to cheat anybody.This is the policy of God Jupiter and that is mine too.I kindly invite you all to make visit to my office and get benefited by my services.
Due to my long and intense study of astrology,I have written more than 40 astrological books which are available in all leading publications in TamilNadu.Many readers have become astrologers by studying my books.My books are as follows
My Astrological Books
1.Jathaka Balabalankal kooruvathu eppadi?
2.Astavarka Jothida Rakasiyam
3.Thisa Pukthi Balabalankal kooruvathu Eppadi?
4.Thirumana Porutham Parpathu Eppadi?
5.Guru Sukran Dosankalum,Parikarangalum
6.12 Lakna Bava Balabalankal
7.Pulippani Jothidam
Sakadevar Aruliya NadiJothidam-3 books
8.Mesam to Kadagam 
9.Simham to Viruchigam
10.Dhanusu to Meenam
11.Agasthiyar Nadi Suvadi Padi 12 Rasi Palankal-12 books for each Rasi
23.Manaiudi Sasthiram 
24.Jathagam Braharam Manaiuadi Sasthiram Parpathu Eppadi?
25.Dasavarka Amsa,Thirakkana Palankal Kooruvathu Eppadi?
26.Nutpa Aaivu Jothidam
27.Karca Maharishi Jothidam
28.Agasthiyar Aruliya Kerala Jothidam
29.Poorvika Sakthikana Jathaga Vilakkam
30.Kootu Kraga Balapalankal Kooruvathu Eppadi?
31.Navakraga Parvaikalin Palankal
32.Kala Chakra Thisa Pukthikalum Palankalum
33.Sabtha Rishi Vakyam
34.Kalasthra Bava Palankal Kooruvathu Eppadi?
35.Kotchara Palanai Jathaga Palanudan Innaithu Parpathu Eppadi?
36.Puthra Bava Araichi
37.Ayul Bava Arachi
38.A book on Palm Reading
39.Navina Murali Thisa Pukthi Palankal Kooruvathu Eppadi?
40.Greek Astrology
41.Jothida Rathna Malai
42.Thuvathasa Amsa,Drikkana Palankal Kooruvathu Eppadi?
43.Predictions of One's Handwriting
Note:These books were published by NARMADA PUBLICATIONS,INDU PUBLICATIONS and KARPAGAM PUBLICATIONS which are all located in T.nagar,chennai 600017.

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